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The startup world in Debrecen demonstrates a steady development. As a result of related initiatives, several successful companies have been established. Communities have been formed like DebTech, the meeting point of those interested in IT and startups in Debrecen. The Debrecen Startup Roundtable has also been created, where leaders of startup companies have the opportunity to discuss their goals of public interest. !gen Debrecen, a programmed aimed at the training of innovators, startuppers and social entrepreneurs was launched in order to support viable ideas, and help participants with its mentoring and incubation programme. A creative and inspiring environment is provided by Debrecen HUB, the first co-working office in the city.

Xeropan 2.0 is a mobile-based language learning application with unique and highly gamified content that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and currently has 136,000 downloaders from 155 countries. Xeropan International Ltd. is goint to further develop the application and bring it to the international market.

CodersRank creates realistic 360-degree profiles based on the digital footprint and actual work of software developers. In this way, CondersRank helps their professional development by offering them relevant jobs, training materials and professional contacts. In 2018, they were voted as the Startup of the Year at the Central European Startup Awards.

InStoore is an intermediary web service that allows companies with excess storage capacity or already engaged in warehousing (‘landlord’) to release their storage space to those struggling with a lack of storage space (‘tenant’).

Job advertisement application, primarily for recruiting lower skilled workers. Both the job advertiser and the job seeker can search between themselves. The system allows both parties to chat instantly. The employer can organize the candidates into folders. Applicants will receive a response within 72 hours.

The company’s mission is to make the Internet safer by curbing and stopping cybercrime. The easy-to-use server protection software that they develop protects thousands of companies from hacker attacks worldwide.
It won the Hungarian Brands Innovative Brand Award in 2019.

A business intelligence tool for webshops that also provides transparent, data-driven advice to make your webshop as profitable as possible.

They help businesses organicly manage contracts, finance and authentic electronic signatures.

Development and testing by partners of an intraoral tooth scanner with a new procedure. The product gives the doctor user-friendly feedback at work, and due to the different imaging method, a smaller device can be made, and the production cost is more favorable.

Development of equipment that can be expanded at all levels, combining the benefits of aqua, aero and hydropony, to produce high-quality lettuce in the systematic water of African catfish in a chemical-free medium.

Development and sale of a hospital hand hygiene quality assurance system.

The healhop is an international marketplace for healthcare services that localizes the operating mechanisms of online tour operators in medical tourism.

A mobile phone application for patients with hemophilia. In this, the patient tracks, records the drug consumption and other important events related to the treatment.

Easy to connect web sales system for smaller restaurants. Furthermore, they offer complete marketing and web development solutions in the world of online and offline communication.

Educational application for medical students and young doctors. It provides a practice opportunity to make diagnoses.

They created an intelligent dental software that creates 3D animated designs based on AI.

Xponential Coworking is a cost-efficient office rental solution in the city centre of Debrecen. Workstations, meeting rooms and an event room accommodating up to 34 people are for rent under flexible arrangements. Fully equipped, inspiring community office on 340 m2, with a café and outdoor terrace.
The Debrecen Chapter of SingularityU, linked to the prestigious institution of Silicon Valley and located in the Xponential Coworking office, helps to interconnect and train the new generation of corporate, academic, financial and startup leaders, who strive to understand and use the exponentially developing technologies.
Homelike community office supporting entrepreneurs with place, potential and partners.
SPACE – inspiring environment for working, small-group meetings, trainings
KNOWLEDGE – Programs for learning and developing entrepreneurial mind-set & skills
PARTNERS – Peer learning, co-creation, cooperation and networking
The aim of the Developers of Debrecen (DOD) Meetup is to connect professionals living in and near Debrecen and working or interested in the field of programming with local companies and their leaders. In addition, a priority objective of DOD is to make the public more familiar with programming, to organise community learning programmes, by taking into account the needs of the Startup ecosystem emerging in Debrecen.