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EDC Debrecen established the Debrecen Business Expat Club for managers from other countries who would like to improve their business connections during their international assignment in Debrecen.

Our team is organizing business oriented networking events with interesting topics (e.g. international school in Debrecen, local business opportunities, available services, etc.), and an opportunity to help you share your thoughts about living here and doing business in Debrecen, and to connect business people working here short or long term from different countries.

New members can always join the Expat Club. In case you would like to get more information about the club or you want to join it, please contact us on the following e-mail address:

If you are interested, please join to our Facebook and LinkedIn groups where we will share further information on the upcoming events of the Club.
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Key international organisations established in the city

American Corner Debrecen
Mailing Address: Amerikai Kuckó Debrecen, Méliusz Juhász Péter Könyvtár
4026 Debrecen, Bem tér 19.
Phone: +36-52-531-982
Cell Phone: +36-20-448-0581
Facebook: AmCornerDEB

Alliance Française Hongrie
Address: 4024 Debrecen, Piac utca 68.
Phone: +36 52/536 026
Cell Phone: +36 30/631 61 26
Facebook: af.debrecen

Liveable city


A flourishing and bustling art life has made Debrecen the cultural hub of the region. Classical and contemporary museums, galleries, municipal and alternative theatres, concert halls, and cinemas offer events every day of the week. The variety of annual musical, literary, dance and gastronomic festivals make Debrecen’s cultural life more colourful.



The city has an extensive healthcare network, clinics and hospitals serve patients with the most state-of-the-art therapeutic techniques and diagnostic methods. Thousands of physicians and health professionals deliver a high standard in the care of in and outpatients from the city and the county. Besides public institutions, Debrecen also has a number of specialised private health centers.

Hotels and real estate

Debrecen offers 4 and 5 star hotels and a number of boarding houses in the city which can accommodate thousands of visitors, business professionals, and tourists. Magnificent new and rebuilt top category properties, downtown and greenbelt flats and houses with a garden are offered for sale at 80 – 200 thousand EUR or can be leased from 300 – 1 000 EUR per month.


The city boasts several first class sports teams in football, water polo, ice hockey, and handball. The football stadium with a capacity to hold 20 000 people, the sports swimming pool with a 50 metre race course, and the athletic stadium have hosted many prestigious international events. Whatever the branch of sport, from tennis, basketball, to wall climbing, everyone can find their favourite sporting outlet. Also, Debrecen offers several fitness gyms, skating rinks, and horse riding arenas.


Leisure and wellness

People seeking recreation can visit Debrecen’s thermal spa, famous for its medicinal water, open-air beaches, or the largest indoor Aqua Park of Hungary. Nature lovers can take a walk in the ‘Big Forest Park’, take excursions or a bicycle tour in the woods as well as around the lakes outside the city.

Catering and shopping

A diversity of cosy restaurants with domestic and international cuisine, cafés, wine bars and ruin pubs add to “the taste” of life in Debrecen. Every buyer can find their favourite products in artisan retail shops, primary producer markets, and also in super and hypermarkets. The shops of tailor made and world brands offer a wide array of clothing fashions, footwear, and accessories.


Hungary has a two-tier banking system, which means that the functions of the central bank and other specialized banks are separate. The National Bank of Hungary is the member of the European System of Central Banks.

Public transport

The city has excellent public roads and an extensive public transport network. Local and intercity buses, trams and trolley services offer inhabitants an easy way to stay mobile. With well-coordinated services Debrecen’s public transportation helps local people get to work/home within 30 minutes. In addition, an 80 kilometre bicycle path network facilitates transport in and around Debrecen.



Hungary has a highly developed telecommunications system. The telecoms market is fully liberalised: there are numerous internet service providers and mobile network providers in Hungary. Mobile services are available from three operators, all of them have launched 3G & 4G services.

Foreigners in Debrecen

Debrecen is home to nearly 5 000 foreigners. Due to the high level of education many people are attracted to the University of Debrecen, and the international companies established in the city also frequently hire foreign workforce. Most public and cultural services are available in English, and the city operates and maintains bilingual schools and foreign language learning communities. The city’s first International School with a kindergarten will open in 2017.

Trips around Debrecen

People seeking relaxation outside the city limits can find special experiences in many world heritage sites such as ‘Hortobágy’, with its infinite prairies and autochthonous animals; ‘Hajdúszoboszló’ with its thermal water, open beach and Slide Park; ‘Hegyalja’, is famous for its globally renowned Tokaj wines which offer special wine tastings; and the Bükk and Mátra Mountains with their splendid hills and peaks.