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Educational Institutions



higher level
higher level

Vocational education

The basic institutions of vocational training renewed in terms of content and organisation:

Vocational grammar school (age 14 to 19)

  • 4+1 years model
  • Grades 9-12: academic and vocational subjects in a proportion 60 to 40%
  • At the end of grade 12: matriculation and vocational examination in 1 or 2 vocations
  • At the end of grade 13: vocational examination, vocational qualification obtained
  • Language preparation or bilingual preparation year with a large number of foreign-language lessons.

Dual education

By way of dual education, cooperation between vocational training institutions and local companies was realized in Debrecen. As a result of the dual education system, students gain practical experiences parallel with acquiring their vocational certificates. For companies, it provides an opportunity for satisfying their needs for labour force; in addition, they can reduce their costs incurred in connection with the dual education using state subsidies and tax reductions.

Vocational secondary school (age 14 to 19)

  • 3+2 years model
  • Grades 9 to 11: practice-centred vocational training
  • From grade 10: practical training in dual system, on location with companies
  • At the end of grade 11: vocational examination, vocational qualification obtained
  • Grades 12-13: preparation for the matriculation examination Adult education (age 16 to 99)
  • Formal vocational training, obtaining 2nd vocational qualification in 1 or 2 years Adult education (from age 16)
  • Non-formal vocational training, defined not in terms of school years, but number of hours to complete
  • Vocational qualifications after an average of 500-600 hours

Language courses

Vocational Grammar Schools in Debrecen

Name of the institution Number of students (2015/2016) Main profile
Aranybika Catering Baptist Vocational Grammar School 235 Catering service segment
Bárczi Gusztáv Unified Methodology Institute of Special Education, Elementary School, Vocational School and College 59 Special Education Training
University of Debrecen Balásházy János Training Secondary School and College 164 Agriculture, administrative services segment
Baross Gábor Secondary School and College 1 030 Engineering
Beregszászi Pál Vocational Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School 554 Electronics, IT
Bethlen Gábor Vocational Grammar School of Economics 185 Administrative services segment
Brassai Sámuel Secondary School and Technical Vocational Grammar School 835 Engineering, information technology, electronics
Irinyi János Vocational Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School 614 Sport, catering, tourism, logistics
Vocational Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School of Commerce and Catering 850 Trade, business service sector
Vocational School and Special Vocational School of Light Industry 356 Light industry, service industry segments
Mechwart András Vocational Grammar School of Engineering and Information Technology 799 Information Technology, Engineering
Péchy Mihály Vocational Grammar School of Construction 618 Architecture, engineering, information technology
Povolny Ferenc Vocational Grammar School, Vocational Secondary School and Vocational School 429 Technical training
Vocational Grammar School of Chemistry 910 Chemical Industry
Dienes László Greek Catholic Grammar School, Vocational Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School of Health 829 Health Care
Discimus Vocational Grammar School 268 Health Care
Diószegi Sámuel Baptist Vocational Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School 1 004 Mechanical engineering, automotive industry
DMA Vocational Grammar School of Fashion and Art 48 Art
EURO Baptist Bilingual Grammar School, Vocational Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School 400 IT
Görög Demeter Vocational Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School 315 Health care, social services segment
Kleopátra Secondary School and Vocational Grammar School 109 Service segment
Kodály Zoltán Vocational Grammar School of Music and Elementary School of Arts 128 Music
Kós Károly Vocational Grammar School of Arts and College 298 Art
Magiszter Foundation Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School,Vocational Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School 1 135 IT
Medgyessy Ferenc Grammar School and Vocational Grammar School of Arts 715 Art
Szent József Elementary School, Grammar School, Vocational Grammar School and College 361 Information technology, administrative services segment
Sirius Vocational Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School 303 Social service segment, mechanical engineering, information technology
Total 13 551

Higher education

The University of Debrecen is the most significant institution of higher education in the region, one of five research universities in Hungary. Offering the most diverse training scheme, it currently serves 30 000 students in 14 faculties. The factors that make the University of Debrecen attractive include a colourful training selection, a high rate of qualified lecturers, and 25 doctoral schools.


EECA University Rankings: #29

OS World University Rankings: #601-650

QS WU Rankings by Subjects (Pharmacy & Pharmacology): #151-200

QS WU Rankings by Faculty (Arts and Humanities): #372

As an intellectual center with outstanding research and development capacities, the University is playing an increasingly important role in the region’s economic, social and cultural development. Currently there are 4000 foreign students studying at the University of Debrecen from 101 countries.

Key international organisations established in the city:
  • AIESEC Debrecen
  • Alliance Française Hungary
  • DAAD German Higher Education Information Center
  • Erasmus Student Network Debrecen
  • American Corner Debrecen
  • Rotary Club Debrecen
  • Russian-Hungarian Association in Debrecen

Number of graduates at the University of Debrecen (2011-2015)


Number of graduates

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Faculty of Law (ÁJK) 309 416 414 463 376
Faculty of Medicine (ÁOK) 371 403 489 434 442
Faculty of Arts and Humanities (BTK) 964 928 1013 1020 923
Faculty of Health (EK) 207 240 236 262 386
Faculty of Dentistry (FOK) 72 87 80 81 84
Faculty of Economics (GTK) 414 557 785 1017 907
Faculty of Childcare and Adult Education (GYFK) 442 384 474 610 461
Faculty of Pharmacy (GYTK) 71 80 59 68 86
Faculty of Informatics (IK) 306 290 295 290 295
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management (MÉK) 307 373 364 308 354
Faculty of Engineering (MK) 167 271 419 507 615
Faculty of Public Health (NK) 119 189 180 170 190
Facuty of Science and Technology (TTK) 673 699 572 721 727
Faculty of Music (ZK) 66 95 94 86 94
Total 4 488 5 012 5 474 6 037 5 940

Number of graduates at the University of Debrecen

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Faculty of Health

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Economics and Business

Faculty of Child and Adult Education

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Informatics

Faculty of the Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Public Health

Faculty of Science and Technology

Faculty of Music

International School

International School of Debrecen

Debrecen will launch its first international school in September 2019, providing education at a high pedagogical and academic standard in a known and recognised international system for both international and Hungarian students, in a professional, modern environment.

Educational model:

  • Unified, English-language education from kindergarten to the baccalaureate (school-leaving) examination
  • Highly trained, experienced international and outstanding Hungarian teaching staff
  • The International School of Debrecen proposes to offer 3 programmes of the curriculum of the International Baccalaureate (IB), thereby becoming the first one in the region to earn the title IB Continuum World School:
    • Primary Years Programme (age 3 to 12)
    • Middle Years Programme (age 12 to 16)
    • Diploma Programme (age 16 to 18)

Bilingual Educational Institutions

Primary School – Debrecen

Name Address Contact Specialization Students
Primary School on Lilla Square 9. Vág street, Debrecen 4031 (52) 413 178 English

Secondary School - Debrecen

Ady Endre High School 1. Liszt Ferenc street, Debrecen 4024 (52) 520 222 English 34
Csokonai Vitéz Mihály High School 4. Békéssy Béla street, Debrecen 4032 (52) 531 867 Italian 34
Bethlen Gábor Economical Secondary School 8. Piac street, Debrecen 4026 (52) 412 212 English 34
Irinyi János High School and Vocational School 1-3. Irinyi street, Debrecen 4024 (52) 533 748 German 44
Chemical Vocational School 29-35. Csapó street, Debrecen 4024 (52) 503 264 English 34
EURO Baptist Bilingual High School and Secondary School 7. Angyalföld square, Debrecen 4031 (52) 423 472 English 34
Fazekas Mihály High School 44. Hatvan street, Debrecen 4025 (52) 413 758 Spanish, French 34
Mechwart András Engineering and IT Vocational School 58. Széchenyi street, Debrecen 4025 (52) 413 499 German 34