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Debrecen is the center of the Észak Alföld (North Great Plain) Region, which consists of three counties: Hajdú-Bihar, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg and Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok and considering the population, Debrecen is the second largest city of Hungary.

General information about Hungary:
Form of government: Parliamentary Republic
Time zone: GMT +1
National currency: Forint (HUF)
GDP per capita (USD, 2016): 26 680,60
Population (capita, 2016): 9 855 571
Area (km2): 93 030
Unemployment rate (2016): 4,5%
Inflation (2015 december - 2016 december): 1,71%
Membership in international organizations (Hungary): EU, UN, OECD, WTO, NATO, IMF, EC
EU member since: May, 2004
Climate: temperate zone, continental climate
Risk of natural disasters: very low

General information about Debrecen:
Population (capita, 2016): 204 000
Area (km2): 461
Cost of living: (New York City=100) 42,47%
Unemployment rate (Debrecen, 2016): 8%
Unemployment rate (Agglomeration, 2016): 10%

Industrial Parks and Offices

Industrial parks

Southern Industrial Park

Available from 2018, ideal for logistics and manufacturing

Debrecen Regional and Innovation Industrial Park

National Instruments, FAG, RR Donnelley, FlexiForce, Richter Gedeon

Western Industrial Park

Baromfiudvar 2002, ZOLEND, J&J

Debrecen Science Park

IT Services Hungary (T-Systems)


Delog, Trans-Sped, Róna Dohányfeldolgozó, Family Frost, VKS Ungarn, Sváb-Gasztro

Daniella Industrial Park

eKözig, Evopro, IPTECH

Class „A” offices

Office developments 2017-2018

Real estate developers

References: IT Services Hungary; National Instruments warehouse building; Tesco Extra Shopping Centre; plant of KOMAR Textil Kft.; Nagyerdei Stadium; In Vitro Diagnostics Block, University of Debrecen Campus

References: Richter Nyrt. DBP Energy Centre Building, TEVA Zrt. Generics R&D Directorate Building, Municipal Aquatic Centre; Hotel Lycium, Kölcsey Convention Centre, MODEM, Főnix Arena, National Instruments plant

References: Coca-Cola Logistics Centre; RR Donnelley printing plant; FlexiForce metal industry plant; Business Incubator House; POPZ European Production and Logistics Centre

References: Cívis Incubator House, Gambrinus Office Building, Széchenyi street 31.

Trimodal Logistics Center

Debrecen has an excellent location and well-established transportation infrastructure. In addition, the full range of warehousing and logistics services are available in the city, with the interconnection of three branches of transportation (air, road and rail).

XANGA group - Debrecen Airport Terminal

  • Pre-carriage and post-carriage by road, scheduled delivery
  • Transferring containers to the depot
  • Transloading between rail and road
  • Standard and special, cooling, tank and open containers
  • Handling of semi-trailers with cranes and swap bodies
  • Cross-docking
  • Import/export cust. clearance
  • Receiving and forwarding of customs goods, other customs operations

Warehouse and logistics services

  • Warehousing
  • Freight forwarding by road, sea and air
  • Value-increasing logistics services (packaging, unit load formation, order-picking, labelling, shrink wrap packaging)
  • Import/export customs clearance
  • Container shipping

DELOG / Trans-Sped

Back-office services:
  • Invoicing-accounting, HR, IT
  • Investment preparation and management
  • Marketing communication
  • Grants administration

They have chosen us

Electronics, Engineering, Manufacturing


Krones AG

Intertraction Electrics

International Business Services

Diehl Aircabin

Pharma and Medical Device industry


Plastics industry, Printing


Food industry




Construction Industry


International Consultant Companies



The Government of Hungary and the City of Debrecen are committed to creating an entrepreneur- and investor-friendly business environment thus supporting the competitiveness of local companies. Therefore, enterprises establishing themselves and
creating jobs in Debrecen are offered several types of aids and incentives, depending on the volume of the investment and the number of newly created jobs. The maximum aid intensity is 50%, which is the highest possible rate in the European Union.

Conference tourism

Wide range of opportunities

In recent years, Debrecen has become an exclusive international conference center, with excellent venues and features available to satisfy all kinds of demands, from events for a few people to series of events for several days with thousands of participants. The city hosts several hundred conferences every year, including business, scientific, professional, cultural, religious and civil society events.

As one of the most modern conference centers in Hungary, Kölcsey Center (4026 Debrecen, 1-3. Hunyadi street; E-mail: Information: +36 52 506 600) is of special importance among the venues in Debrecen, offering state-of-the-art technology to its clients, including:

  • built-in and mobile sound system, audio mixing room
  • possibility of projecting, canvas, projector, control room
  • wireless internet access
  • stage platform with adjustable height and extentions, mobile grandstands
  • stage lighting system with a control room
  • internal space and technology suitable for TV and radio broadcasts
  • cable television system with control and editing rooms
  • simultaneous interpretation system for the use of four languages

The most beautiful stadium of Hungary, Nagyerdei Stadium is also a favoured event venue with a number of rooms and halls available for different occasions and protocol events. Besides the above, several other high-quality spaces are offered in the city for organising elegant, exclusive events, including Főnix Hall suitable to host up to 8 500 people, the Nagyerdő Water Tower with a unique atmosphere and offering a great variety of cultural programs, or Lovarda Conference Center.

Accommodation and gastronomy

The tourism capacity of the city provides opportunities for organising conferences of international significance or international sports events attracting several thousand visitors. The four and five-star hotels in Debrecen offer visitors a wide range of accommodations, special gastronomic experiences and services to satisfy at the highest levels.


The startup world in Debrecen demonstrates a steady development. As a result of related initiatives, several successful companies have been established. Communities have been formed like DebTech, the meeting point of those interested in IT and startups in Debrecen. The Debrecen Startup Roundtable has also been created, where leaders of startup companies have the opportunity to discuss their goals of public interest. !gen Debrecen, a programmed aimed at the training of innovators, startuppers and social entrepreneurs was launched in order to support viable ideas, and help participants with its mentoring and incubation programme. A creative and inspiring environment is provided by Debrecen HUB, the first co-working office in the city.

The gluten-free bakery Glulu prepares its fresh bakery and confectionery products of own development, which are free of gluten and other allergens, from a sorghum flour mix. It is the combination of the excellent-quality ingredients and the handicraft technique used make the single gluten-free bakery of the region special.

OptiMonk was created in 2014, with the aim of making available to operators of websites/webshops an online marketing tool with the help of which visitors who leave without shopping or subscribing can be converted into interested visitors or newsletter subscribers with the use of a personalised, perfectly timed message.

The purpose of the development of Prelife Kft. is the improvement of the efficiency of artificial insemination using methods of molecular biology. The product, with the use of which the clinician can custom-tailor the embryo transfer protocol, is in the stage of clinical validation.

The aim of the RF Anatomy team is to make the learning of anatomy easier, more efficient and less expensive not only for medical students but also other students in the fields of health sciences. The team is currently developing an online community anatomy atlas, which has been downloaded by 10,000 people in a little more than 6 months, and RF Anatomy has active users in 138 countries.

ShopRenter, providing a comprehensive webshop system, was created in 2011 with the aim of helping Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises in using the huge opportunities inherent in e-commerce. ShopRenter currently provides the IT and marketing background for more than 2000 active webshops, and is living proof of how a startup can become a decisive factor in its own industry in just a few years.

The aim of the Developers of Debrecen (DOD) Meetup is to connect professionals living in and near Debrecen and working or interested in the field of programming with local companies and their leaders. In addition, a priority objective of DOD is to make the public more familiar with programming, to organise community learning programmes, by taking into account the needs of the Startup ecosystem emerging in Debrecen.

Syncee is a cloud-based, e-commerce data synchronising system. With its help, the activities taking up much of webshop owners’ time, such as the uploading, refreshing and keeping up to data of products in the webshop, can be automated. The software helps save time and money, and there is no need for the involvement of a programmer either.

Vitrolink is an innovative biotech company, with the development and sale of digital pathological solutions for education and diagnostic purposes in its focus. The goal is to create a quick and automated tissue sample analysing solution that supports oncological decision-making by way of the observation of biological events.

In order to facilitate language-learning, Xeropan created a tool that communicates with people. This is a highly visual, intuitive tool with the use of which language learning becomes enjoyable.

Xponential Coworking is a cost-efficient office rental solution in the city centre of Debrecen. Workstations, meeting rooms and an event room accommodating up to 34 people are for rent under flexible arrangements. Fully equipped, inspiring community office on 340 m2, with a café and outdoor terrace.

The Debrecen Chapter of SingularityU, linked to the prestigious institution of Silicon Valley and located in the Xponential Coworking office, helps to interconnect and train the new generation of corporate, academic, financial and startup leaders, who strive to understand and use the exponentially developing technologies.

Homelike community office supporting entrepreneurs with place, potential and partners.
SPACE – inspiring environment for working, small-group meetings, trainings
KNOWLEDGE – Programs for learning and developing entrepreneurial mind-set & skills
PARTNERS – Peer learning, co-creation, cooperation and networking

Startup Roundtable Debrecen

The Startup Roundtable Debrecen was founded in February 2015 by local innovative enterprises and startups who have already brought their ideas to market. The members of the Roundtable are continually increasing. These meetings are often visited by representatives of successful and innovative companies, such as Xanga Investment & Development Group and leaders of clusters or representatives of financial institutions.

The active members of Startup Roundtable are the followings:
  • Local, innovative businesses (BitNinja, Codeyard, Optimonk, CybeIn, RacingNet, Xeropan, Glulu, AmorFFactory, Mindensync, Planmaster 3D, Vitrolink, Syncee)
  • Local startup organisations and unions (DebTech, !gen Debrecen,, DebrecenHUB)
  • Funders, advisors, supporter companies and institutes (EDC Debrecen, AID, DBH Group, University of Debrecen Research and Technology Transfer Center, DTMP, FIVOSZ, MKB, NI Innovaton program, HBKIK, Tender Auditor, KAVOSZ, Deloitte)
  • Clusters (Northern Great Plain Information Cluster, Pharmapolis Innovative Food Industry Cluster)

The Roundtable operates by self-organised system. The members share the tasks between each other on voluntary basis. The aim of the initiation is to collect innovative thinking companies in Debrecen and improve the local startup ecosystem.